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As we’ve aged, we eat less and less. Here’s a few ideas how to do it and save money.

  1. Share meals. We often share eggs benedict at local restaurants as well as Ultimate Hashbrowns at Honolua Store in Kapalua. Then we overtip to make up for the difference.
  2. Mini Plates at L&L Barbeque by the Times Market. I like the grilled Mahi Mahi and Shirley likes the Kalua Pork plate. These are big enough to get two lunches out of each.
  3. Times Market Deli has a hot food section. We enjoyed the orange chicken and chicken adobo. Both come with rice and are big enough for two with leftovers. Safeway and Napili markets also have hot foods at their delis.
  4. Food Truck court across from Times Market has a variety of choices. We’ve enjoyed the drunken noodles from the Thai truck and enchilada plate from the Mexican truck. We share these meals.
  5. We have found that a bowl of raisin bran with half a protein shake is plenty for breakfast. Coming from the mainland, we stop at Safeway on the way to Maui Kaanapali Villas to get breakfast fixins. We wake up at 4am (Denver time) but a few restaurants open at six, most at 8am.
  6. When eating out, meals are often higher priced at dinner for the same meal. So, eat your big meal at lunch. Some restaurants have music during happy hour. So local entertainment + food.
  7. There is a McDonalds and Burger King nearby for a quick meal.
  8. The Aloha Mixed Plate behind Safeway has great food. Make a reservation.


  1. Mai tais are over $15 at bars, so we use POG – passion, orange, guava juice with dark rum and a chunk of pineapple to make our own. Meadow Gold POG in half gallon cartons are available at Safeway.
  2. Wine, beer and liquor are sold in supermarkets and Longs drug stores. There’s often a discount if you buy six or more bottles at Safeway.

Cook it Yourself

  1. We buy local fresh mahi mahi, marinate it in Teriyaki sauce, wrap it in greased tin foil and grill it for 3-4 minutes per side. We sauté Asian eggplant (looks like a zucchini).

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